Frequently Asked Question

What's your turnaround time on individual pages?

Static pages: 1-3 days per page
Advanced pages: 3-5 days per page

What's your turnaround time on a full website?

Static, CMS and advanced pages with ~10 unique pages: 12-20 days

Are you an agency?

Nope. Agencies typically have close relationships with their clients and offer the full concierge service including strategy and design. Going to Ish Studio is like going straight to the manufacturer. You know what you want and you're looking to get it done. We build quality websites for a fixed fee that's fast, better, and cheaper. Request a new site build, and leave the rest up to us.

Where are your based? 

In the beautiful city of Oslo, Norway. Where we got saunas, Santa clause, polar bears, midnight sun, and the world's most expensive beer and gas price. Come and say hello and we'll pay for the beer. We mostly have clients in other countries tho.

What is your pricing? 

Send us a partner application so we can explain all the flat fees. You won't be disappointed!

Can we sell the website for more? 

Hey, we have a flat fee pricing model. That means if we charge you 100 $, you can sell it for a million dollars if you can. Just don't tell us that, that would make us very sad and happy at the same time.

How is the invoicing?

We accept PayPal, All major credit cards, and Invoicing with wire transfers as well.

What are your payment terms?

We send out 2 invoices per project.
First due 15 days, second due 30 days.

Do you love to charge for revisions?

All the revisions are free of charge. Your site should look like the wireframe you provided us with.
You can annoy us, and shout at us as long as it is not outside the scope or you have a last-minute edit.
All wireframes should be 100% approved by your client before sending us the final design.

Are you really Webflow experts? 

Hell yeah, we are, and we are really proud of it! We've been experts for almost too long. We were actually one of the first Webflow Experts in Norway. You can check our expert page right HERE.

I am not an agency, do you offer webdesign?

Yes, we do! We started out as a design agency, and got really good at Webflow. But if you are looking for someone to design your new website we can also do that. Contact us HERE

Do you have contracts? 

Yes, we do! But you are not obligated to use us, we have a standard agreement, so we don't have to write a new contract every time we do a project together.